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The Importance of Watch Winders’ Motors

A watch winder Australia is an accessory for automatic mechanical watches. When an automatic watch is not in use, it will lose its energy, causing it to stop ticking. With a watch winder, you can provide your automatic watch the energy to keep ticking. This tool works by mimicking the wrist’s motion. In this article, we will discuss how important watch winders’ motors are.

The Most Important Part of Watch Winders

Do you know what the most important part of a watch winder is? A watch winder is actually a sort of a box or case where you place your automatic mechanical watch. Once you put your watch inside it, it will keep your mechanical watch wound by rotating it. And the watch winder performs this rotation with the help of the motor. This motor is built in, and you cannot see it. It is controlled by a CPU that receives instructions through the watch winder’s control panel.

When it comes to a watch winder’s operation, it is available in 3 different types. It can be a touchscreen, LCD display, or button. The CPU sends every setting via the controller to the motor. For instance, when you change or set the Turns Per Day (TPD) or the direction of rotation. The primary technical parts of a watch winder Australia are the motors, control panel, and CPU. The watch holder is essential as well since it is where you will put your valuable watch on it.

The Origin of Watch Winder Motors

Most motors of watch winders are made in China. It is because these motors are relatively affordable to produce. So that most unknown watch winder brands use them. These watch winders are cheap but should not get your hopes up about the quality. Japanese motors, Swiss motors, German motors are better than Chinese motors in terms of quality, durability, and functionality. Motors made in China tend to produce a lot of noise, break down quite quickly, and have malfunctions.

Most quality watch winders use Japanese motors. Many famous brands use them, for example, Boda Concept, Paul Design, and Benson. As you know, Japan is famous for their advanced innovation, great professional knowledge, and sustainable technology. Japanese watch winder motors are good in quality yet affordable. While for German motors, one example of a brand that uses them is Chronovision. German motors are durable and powerful. But they are more expensive than Japanese motors. – watch winder Australia.

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